Parents’ Testimonials

Chloe Tan

Adorable Chloe (3 years) and her amazing Chinese words recognition!


Kellie Tan

Flashcards are a good way to introduce new words to our children. You can flash various topics and even languages!


Ystlor Tan

Our 3 years old student Ystlor having so much fun recognising words off flashcards with his mommy! A learning child is a happy child and learning is something Ystlor enjoys doing the most!



Here is adorable Zyler (2 years old) doing a writing activity with mommy at home!


Henna with Amazing Memory – Video

Look at the amazing memory of our 2 years old student Henna. Well done!! And good job mommy for the constant effort and dedication!

Yu En Singing Chinese Nursery Song & San Zi Jing – Video

Watch our 2 years old student, Phang Yu En sing along to a nursery song taught in our Heguru lesson and fluently read San Zi Jing!! Thank you mommy, for sharing the video clips with us! If you have any videos of your child performing amazing abilities, please share the video with us as well!

Student Achievements – Denise Tham

We are so proud to share another amazing achievement by one of our students! Denise’s 3 years of story telling journey and for getting 2nd place this year! Her mommy believes that right brain training played a part in Denise’s achievements!

Student Achievements – Chloe Lim

We are so proud to share that our student Chloe Lim has been awarded the top 3 student in class at Northland Primary School! Thank you mommy for sharing with us the wonderful news and your affirmation! 

“We strongly believe that HEGL has played an important part in strengthening her memory and faster learning ability. We are truly humbled by this achievement. Thank you HEGL and all of the teachers for your patience and guidance towards Chloe!”

Rachel Ang, Parent of Denise Tham (Preschool)

Teacher Jerris is very professional and passionate to help draw out the strengths of my child. She shares good concepts on how we can participate in my child’s learning as well as parenting advises on giving our child’s attention and encouragement. The activities are varied and they expose children to many interesting concepts. Though some activities are tough, the teachers always prepare relevant manipulatives to help parents to coach our children. Continue the great work!

Rachel Ang, Parent of Aiden Tham (Preschool)

Teachers at Heguru Centre @ Novena are sincere & genuine in wanting to nurture our children. They are well train and able to deliver class effectively and very enthusiastic. Great job in engaging with the children!

Juniar, Parent of Bradley Chang (Preschool)

To me, after having the experience of putting my son in various enrichment programmes, I strongly feel that the nature of teachers is of paramount importance in any education programme. In Heguru, I must say full praises should go to the teachers. Due to their friendliness, three ways communications between teachers, students and parents have never been easier. They are sincere and industrious, great efforts can be seen in assisting all students. Since my son started on the programme I have noticed immense improvements in my son’s analytical capability. Apart from the teachers, I believe it has got to do with their programme. I am glad to have found Heguru for my son’s early stage of learning journey.

Chua Zhao Qing, Parent of Chloe Yan (Preschool)

Heguru centre Novena provides interesting & interactive ways of learning. Chloe enjoys going to classes as learning is never dull & boring. The centre teachers are very caring, patient & helpful. I like the positive vibes of the centre! A BIG thank you to all teachers especially Teacher Jerris & Teacher Karen!

Chen Rong, Parent of Brayan Yao (Preschool)

Heguru Center @ Novena allows my child to have fun while learning, a great improvement from the traditional methods of learning. He looks forwards to the classes every week as he finds it both exciting and challenging to learn something new quickly. Also, I have seen significant improvement in my child’s memory skills after attending Heguru. No doubt, his capability of remembering things fast would aid him in the process of pursuing knowledge and possibly his academic studies in the future, placing him ahead of his peers.

Sandra Lee, Parent of Ian Lee (Preschool)

The Heguru program has helped Ian to learn to be more focussed at completing a task. He has also learnt to be more independent and is keen to do simple tasks and take care of himself. Heguru’s homework activities has also provided parents opportunities to communicate with their child and help the child reinforce knowledge learnt, and help the child to be more confident.

Ng Peck Suan, Parent of Chloe & Dylan Woon (Infant & toddler)

We were wondering how helpful it will be for our kids as most of the time they are not that proactive in joining the activities at the start, but after a few lesson, they are always looking forward to their “How Many” class, and they will imitate whatever the teacher teaches during classes time.

Tan Siow Ay, Parent of Cheah Yu Heng (Infant & toddler)

Teachers at HEGL Centre @ Novena are amiable and friendly. Teachers in Yu Heng’s class have high energy level when conducting the class. This attracts his attention and allows him to have more effective learning. Yu Heng enjoys his weekly classes and I hope to see further development in him as he grows with HEGL.

Sharon Quek, Mother of Ethan & Edgar Tan (Infant & toddler)

I think Heguru really help my child in terms of character and language development. Really enjoy bringing them to lessons here.

Chitra Yani, Parent of Felise Ng (Infant & toddler)

Knowing that the teachers are professionally trained in Japan, as a parent we feel assured of the quality class at Heguru. Felise definitely looks forward to her weekly class. Whenever I asked her which school does she likes, without hesitation she will always reply me “Heguru!”

Goh Kim Guan & Tan Boon Shin, Parents of Goh Oon Rui (Infant & toddler)

I’m not too sure about other Heguru centres in S’pore as Heguru Centre @ Novena is both my hubby & I myself first & only choice. And we are very glad & proud of this decision of ours. The environment & staffs from (cleaner lady to all teachers & principal) @ Heguru Centre is something I cannot ask for more-comfortable and safe environment with kind, approachable, passionate staffs. It is obvious that my child is definitely enjoying himself during class & before/ after his class. Strongly believe that my child is always learning through playing.

Mrs Lim, Parent of Lim Xin Ying (Infant & toddler)

Dear Jerris & Angelina & all Heguru teachers,

Thank you so much for your care with my daughter, Xin Ying. We have been so happy with your centre’s philosophy, your attention with each child, the facilities and the wonderful teachers. My daughter has a very happy smile when attending your class, you give me the confidence to walk further with my Xin Ying in future journey path and believe that my child “She can do it!!!” Heguru has been an exceptional experience for Xin Ying and a wonderful building block for her future.

Kathryn Ng, Parent of Darius Chang (Infant & toddler)

My son enjoys his lessons very much. Every Sunday he would say he will go find teacher Wenxin. Though he did not manage to concentrate on all parts of the lessons, he is still able to follow throughout. He already knows which part of the lessons is coming next even though no one announces it. Although I’m not sure if the lessons are ready beneficial to his growing up, but one thing I know it’s that he enjoys it & it’s good to have playtime and learning time together.

Kzel Sim, Parent of Lim Jun Yan (Infant & toddler)

Heguru Centre @ Novena has a group of warm & caring Principal & teachers. A down to earth centre rather than a commercialise company. My boy has picked up certain form of skills. He’s like recognising body parts through the use of the flashcards. He is able to do his own for the breathing exercise.

Nadiah Zhang, Parent of Zachariah Zhang (Infant & toddler)

Heguru @ Novena has been patient with Zachariah despite initial difficulties. Concessions were made to help him overcome initial fears. He is now a jolly child who looks forward to classes weekly. Both child and parents have benefited greatly from Heguru. A million thanks!

Yew Min Li, Parent of Megan Tham (Infant & toddler)

Megan is growing to be an inquisitive & intelligent child, thanks to Heguru. Most of all, we really look forward to going for Heguru lessons each week!

Ailin Suntianto, Parent of Anya Poetri Hoon (Infant & toddler)

The lessons at Heguru Centre at Novena are well-planned with numerous interesting and engaging activities that are executed by highly motivated and encouraging teachers. Anya has been with Heguru for about 6 months under Teacher Karen and Teacher Min Ming and though she’s still relatively shy and not outspoken in class, I can see that she totally enjoys their lessons and begins to slowly participate more in the activities carried out by them. Thank you for ever being so patient and understanding to Anya, always encouraging and trying to get her to be more participative during lessons even when they have to provide the same amount of attention to the rest of the children too. Additionally, the weekly sharing of home practices/ parenting tips have also provided us, the parents really insightful advises at how we can better help our children with not only their learning journey but personal growth and development as well.

Siew Khee, Parent of Sophie Dorett (Preschool)

I think the introduction of Maths & Counting in Heguru equips & prepares my child for Primary school as her kindergarten focuses more on learn thru’ play.

Ang Kai Ning, Parent of Isaac Tan (Preschool)

Heguru is truly a wonderful brain development programme for all children. Isaac has benefited greatly from this carefully crafted programme. After 2 years of brain development programme at Heguru, Isaac develops fast learning speed, good memory and focus. At 5, he can understand materials 2 years advance of his age. His IQ is currently at 139 -141. We strongly believe that Heguru programme has contributed to his current IQ readings. We would like to thank all the teachers at Heguru Centre (Novena) for their hard work in delivering quality lessons and preparing quality materials. The passion, energy and sincerity of the teachers make this learning centre a warm and welcoming place. We would like to specially thank Teacher Jerris for her dedication and patience in teaching Isaac. She has imparted great values in Isaac and has made him a better boy. Isaac looks up to her and she is a great role model for him. Heguru – Isaac’s number 1 love and my number 1 choice in brain development. We look forward to more years of learning with Heguru.

Rachel Tan, Parent of Leow Ze-Wen (Infant & toddler)

Ze-Wen looks forward to his class every week. We are happy that he enjoys his class and the activities. We hope to see more positive improvements in Ze-Wen. Thank you to the teachers at Heguru Novena-you inspire Ze-Wen!

Tan Hui Peng, Parent of Jesper Teoh (Infant & toddler)

Jesper just joined Heguru for about 3 months, although is too early to tell he has benefit from this program. However, he really likes to attend the class. The teachers here are friendly & let us feel like at home. Heguru is really different from other centres which we have attended so far.

Jasmine Pang, Parent of Enzo Chng (Infant & toddler)

Enzo has improved greatly in terms of his speech and show more interests in numbers. He was quite shy when he first came, now he is more friendly and social. He is also able to interact more in class. Teachers are dedicated and patient to their teachings. Most importantly is my boy is enjoying his lesson each week. P.S my sister-in-law did a video of him reading cars logo, hope it helps share as a testimonial for the school. This video was done when he was 2 years old.

Kathlyn Teo, Parent of Kylee Jenn Teo (Infant & toddler)

Kylee has started lessons since she was 5 months old. There was once I brought her to enrol preschool, the teachers there were surprised/ amazed to see that her motor skills/ socialising skills are a little more developed as compared to others (same age). I think it is because of the lesson taken. Kylee really enjoys her time in Heguru. Really thankful for all the teachers to be so caring and friendly. As a first time mum, I love the part where “teaching methods” are taught at the end of the lesson. It is really helpful.

Mrs. Maheswaran (Mummy of K. Thevandra – Preschool II)

Teacher Jerris values holistic education. Her humility, helpfulness and moral courage amazes all the parents in Heguru@Novena. She has an incredible presence of mind and that makes her a successful teacher. All the teachers in Heguru@Novena are well liked by all parents for they have a humble and generous spirit that parents and children are naturally drawn towards them. The most outstanding teacher is Ms Jerris who has limitless reserves of energy, she is the ultimate ‘people- person’. She has such warmth of personality, her sincerity and professionalism has impressed all parents. She is a woman of characters and moral integrity.

Shawn Tan (Mummy of Hailey LeAnn Kong – Infant/Toddler Class)

Hailey has been attending lessons since inception of Heguru Center @ Novena. She thoroughly enjoys the classes and I can see progressive improvements in her. The Heguru Center @ Novena is warm, friendly and cosy environment, which makes one feel at home and that your child is in good hands! Keep up the good work!

Winnie Wong Yoke Yee (Mummy of Seraphine-Lauren Ho – Infant/Toddler Class)

Heguru Center @Novena has friendly and cheerful teachers who could engage the attention of the children. And, now there’s a bigger team and I could see the improvement in the materials of the lessons and activities; and how’s the lessons being conducted. The types of music used (and the volume) could help to engage the attention of the children.

Verrone Phua (Mummy of Wong Wenise – Infant/Toddler Class)

Wenise enjoys and looks forward to her lesson every week. The lessons have nurtured and enriched her, seeing her progress and development, I am glad that I have chosen Heguru Center @ Novena.

Ang Mui Lee (Mummy of Jairus & Jenelle Tin – Preschool II & Infant/Toddler Class)

The Center’s teachers are very caring, patient and energetic. Their high level of energy captures the student’s attention. All the teachers in the center are trained in Japan and we are assured of the quality. This gives the parents’ assurance that our kids are in the right school. I also like that the school incorporate Chinese in the class including (三字经) – A great way to expose our kids to Chinese. Thanks Teacher Wenxin and Jerris.

Daniel Chew (Daddy of Aaron Chew – Preschool I)

I feel the teachers here are dedicated and willing to listen and understand the needs of the child. I can see a lot of effort put into the class materials.

Sook Wai (Mummy of Landon Lim – Infant/Toddler Class)

Landon is able to sit through at least 70% of the class without getting bored. This shows that the speed or duration of each activity is adequate to keep him engaged. He always looks forward to attending his Heguru class. Although this is only a 1 hour per week class, he is able to recall a good proportion of concepts or knowledge presented as compared to his 3 times per week playgroup.

Sheila Yeo (Mummy of Gabriel Woon – Infant/Toddler Class)

Gabriel has been attending classes at Heguru@Novena since it started in January 2013. I’m happy to see that he enjoys the classes, and looks forward to it every week. He has surprised me time and again with the knowledge that he picked up in class- I tried simple linking memory exercises at home and he was able to do it with me. On another occasion, he picked up a clock and turned the clock hands like what the teacher does in class, telling me “clockwise”. I look forward to more output in the coming months. Thank you to all the teachers at Novena!

Faith (Mummy of Ariel – Infant/Toddler Class)

I am thankful to Heguru for bringing right brain development program here and my child has the chance to develop her potential. She enjoys the lessons and I am slowly seeing her grow and develop into a bright, cheerful and confident girl. Thank you teachers for all your love, patience and effort in nurturing my child!

Astina Chung (Mummy of Aelezig Tham – Infant/Toddler Class)

I like the vibe of Heguru. My son can learn while playing games. He enjoys the lessons. I believe these lessons will benefit him in future.

May Tay (Mummy of Celine Ong – Preschool II)

I firmly believe that kids learn best through play. I can see how much Celine has enjoyed her classes so far. She gets pretty upset when there is a school break or she can’t attend due to illness. Heguru is able to contribute much to Celine’s development through the fast paced classes which are fun and engaging. Celine has improved tremendously in her puzzle skills & linking memory.

Tan Gaik Yam (Mummy of Ethan Ng – Infant/Toddler Class)

As working parents, we have limited time in teaching our kid. After joining this Heguru Center @ Novena observed our kid improvement in communication, and expressing himself well. Also once a while we might get surprise when we found out our kid know something that we never taught him before. Recommended for joining this class!