Heguru Programs

“Nurture your Child’s Persona with our highly Proficient & Customized Heguru Center Programs”

Heguru Singapore @ City Square Mall offers right brain training and development programmes in a nurturing and child-friendly environment to give children the ideal development in their formative years. The goals of the Heguru education is for children to acquire “9 Fundamental Abilities” through a “2-level Step-up Skills” before formal education begins.

Why Heguru?

The Heguru method is developed by HEGL Japan after carrying out 30 years of extensive research. Our right brain training is a proven and highly effective early childhood education method exclusively for children 0-12 years of age. It focuses on fostering critical and creative thinking abilities among children in a fun-filled and child-friendly learning environment.

We offer specially designed brain development courses for children that help them unlock immense brain capabilities, genius potentials and extraordinary critical & creative thinking skills at a very tender age. Our innovative brain development programmes emphasize on imaginative exploration and development of analytical and reasoning skills in a fun-oriented learning environment.

Our Programs


Pre-Natal Class

Heguru’s Pre-natal education helps developing babies in a mother’s womb to be calmer, happier and good-natured. As the bond between mother and child is deepen, mothers can look forward to experiencing a safe and enjoyable childbirth.

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Infant & Toddler Class

The age of 0-3 years of a child is the critical period when the right part of the brain is dominant.

Stimuli to this part of the brain through constant inputting of information and knowledge greatly expand the brain’s capacity and ability to learn. Training is targeted at developing the Basic Zone of the Mind by harnessing concentration power, endurance power and image creation ability.

Children are taught in a happy and fun loving environment which will ultimately rouse their passion to learn independently.

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Pre-School Class

At the age of 4 to 6 years, it is crucial as children are learning to become more independent. During this time, children progress to develop the Implementation Zone of their Mind where memory power, comprehension power, application power, creativity amongst other abilities start to blossom.

It is very important that we foster the right skills and attitude in them at this point to ensure a successful education and professional career for them in the later years of their life.

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Primary Class

With the strong foundation built up through Infant/Toddler and Preschool years, the children will now be ready to tap into their Incredible Genius Zone for complete development of the whole brain. Children will be trained to use their extraordinary right brain powers and achieve Hado reading and Instantaneous Memorization abilities among others.

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