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Why starting your child on right brain training before 1 year old is the best?

“What is the best age to start my child on Heguru right brain training?” “Is my child too young for right brain training?” These are the common questions that parents will always have in...
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New Year Greetings

Welcome back, parents and children! Once again, it is the start of a brand-new year, accompanied by a myriad of well wishes, dreams and inspirations. We at Heguru City Square Mall would like to take...
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Parents Interview 2016

Last year, we invited some parents to share with us their child’s learning journey with Heguru over the years!   You’ve heard it from the parents, now let’s find out what the...
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Welcoming the New Year

2015 has been an eventful year for us. We welcomed the year with a special visit by our Founders, Mr. and Mrs. Henmi, who conducted a seminar for our parents on 11 January 2015. Through the seminar,...
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Beginning of Year 2016

Year 2016 lessons will commence from 7 January! See you soon!
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