• We are committed to Nurturing Great Minds and Big Hearts

  • The goal of HEGL education is for children to acquire “9 Fundamental Abilities” through a “2-level Step-up Skills” before formal education begins. The child’s abilities are further enhanced by fostering “a Good Heart”.

Words from Principal Jerris…

At Heguru Singapore @ City Square Mall, our mission is “Nurturing Great Minds and Big Hearts”. I personally believe that the focus of our teaching will benefit each and every individual student, and arm them with the right tools for their long academic journey ahead. The knowledge systems that we were exposed to were passed on from a previous generation, and were learnt by route. However, our aim at Heguru City Square Mall (Previously Novena) is to nurture young talent, and inspire them to create new systems of their own. It is this new generation that the Heguru Program is keen on inspiring.

Today’s society has placed huge emphasis on the paper-chase of certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Academic examinations are undeniable important, and they evidently have become the main focus for parents and children alike. The Heguru Program, however, is not centrally focused on a repetition of academic specific practices for children. The real focus is the development of learning abilities in the children that we teach – fundamental concentration and endurance power, memory power, comprehension and application power amongst others. In other words, the Heguru Method provides a holistic way of training to help children learn, encourage their passion for learning, as well as instilling strength and resilience in their emotional capacities. I believe that these are all qualities that we should (and must) equip our children with, in the formative years, before formal academic education begins.




Life is not simply about academic performance and achievement. The Heguru Method of educating our young ones returns to the very fundamental concept of our humanity – love. Indeed, love is the quality that elevates our intellect to the sphere of common humanity. All children need to be, and should be nurtured with, love. Only in this way will we cultivate in the child a heart filled love – love for oneself, love for family and friends and hopefully, love for humanity. Only with a good value system built on the foundation of goodness and generosity for humanity, will our children be able to put their intelligence to good use, and make meaningful contribution to our society and the world.

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What Parents Say

  • I like the vibe of Heguru. My son can learn while playing games. He enjoys the lessons. I believe these lessons will benefit him in future.

    Astina Chung

  • I feel the teachers here are dedicated and willing to listen and understand the needs of the child. I can see a lot of effort put into the class materials.

    Daniel Chew