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Heguru @ City Square Mall (Previously Heguru @ Novena) work with the cardinal aim of nurturing the children at a very tender age while supporting their optimum brain development. We aim to create talented people who will become leaders in this world and make meaningful contributions to the society and their country. We possess a team of dedicated professionals who work with care and warmth for cultivating the right brain development in our young learners.

Principal Jerris

Degree of Bachelor of Accountancy

Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Language and Literature

Principal Jerris possesses Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Language and Literature National Institute of Education (NIE) from where she graduated with Distinction in Practicum. In her years with Ministry of Education, she taught Chinese Language to children from 6-12 years of age, and also handled several responsibilities to lead and organize school and overseas events for both students and external stakeholders.

Apart from strong love for dance and music, Jerris possesses extraordinary communication and interpersonal skills which have helped her interact effectively with students of all ages in her more than 10 years long in education. But, being an educator she also came across some less privileged children in Singapore, and this had motivated her to search for programmes which can help children in their developmental years. Brain training, she has concluded, is the key and will be able to help children improve their academic progress in later years of life.

Being personally inspired and trained by HEGL Japan, Jerris is fully committed to inculcate Heguru education with great love and care among the children. Jerris is very passionate to teach children in a fun oriented way and ensuring that learning is engaging for the children.

Teacher Angelina

“I believe that every child is a unique individual and have their own special aptitude. It is my desire to help children a love for learning from a young age and help them discover their passion.”

Teacher Angelina has a strong passion for working with children and she applies her psychology knowledge to work with children. With her advanced knowledge and skill, she is able to understand and work well with her children and bring out the best in every child by stimulating them to become lifelong learners.

With her pleasant and enthusiastic personality, Teacher Angelina makes a spectacular professional in training young learners with the right brain development. She wants to be part of her students’ growth and development and wants them to have a successful future.

She is a very warm person and she treats her students with a lot of care. She loves interacting with both parent and child. Her goal is to give students the right training through fun-filled ways and she strongly believes that children learn best through play.

Teacher Wenxin

“I strongly believe in the importance of early childhood education and aim to develop their love of learning from the very start.”

Teacher Wenxin strongly believes that a strong foundation of early childhood education will help children to succeed in the world. Her experience as a Heguru teacher have given her new opportunities to grow, reach, and stretch and she teaches with a purpose to contribute to the society. Having taught in Heguru for 3 years, it brings her immense amount of joy seeing the little ones coming to classes with excitement, learning new things and growing up with confidence. She enjoys being a part of their learning experience and helping them to kindle the passion for learning. Teacher Wenxin wants to teach children something more and make a difference in their lives.

Teacher Min Ming

“Children learn as they play, most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”

Being a right brain training teacher for many years, teacher Min Ming is fully certified in the field. With her long years of association with the Heguru Programme, she has drawn out results and potentials of the little ones. Parents regard her as an amiable teacher. Children are attracted to her bubbly personality and love interacting with her.

To teacher Min Ming, nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing her children blossom and grow with the results of the Heguru Programme.

Teacher Noel

“In Heguru, a happy child is a learning child.”

Teacher Noel believes that every child is special in their own way and that they are capable of achieving great things. After being certified as a Main Instructor from HEGL Japan, Teacher Noel has been teaching our learners with great enthusiasm and love. Having a warm and caring personality, she gives her students a friendly environment where they feel comfortable and learn effortlessly while enjoying the fun activities carried out in the class.

Teacher Noel is a responsible and diligent person, who possesses a strong willingness to learn, definitely a good role model for her students. Her zeal towards educating her students to the best of her ability has helped her build trust and confidence from the parents of her students very quickly. Her exposure to many different forms of Performing Arts, including Theatre, Dance and Music, during her course of studies, has also enabled her to contribute immensely to the design of various activities and contents taught in our lessons.

Teacher Ada

“While we try to teach our children all about life, they teach us what life is all about.”

Teacher Ada believes that nothing is as fulfilling as teaching. In a world that is filled with many obstacles and challenges, she thinks that it is highly important to develop strong emotional capacity in our children. She aims to not only focus on developing the child’s intelligence but also the importance of having a big heart – to harness love and empathy.

Teacher Ada uses her skills & passion for giving young children the best start in life, equipping them with the knowledge needed for their future. Watching the smile on our children faces, or the twinkling light in their eyes during classes is definitely the most rewarding experience that she can be a part of every day.

She believes that every child is unique and capable in their own ways and does her best to focus on their strengths and to accommodate to their different styles of learning. She hopes to inspire the children to reach their fullest potential and to watch them grow into people who will make meaningful contributions to the world that we live in.

Teacher Shiori

“I am grateful to get a chance to create positive changes in the lives of parents and children and I aspire to teach children to believe in themselves and stretch to their fullest potential.”

An individual with a fun-loving and charismatic personality, Teacher Shiori finds great joy in teaching and interacting with both parent and children. She takes effort in building a strong relationship with her students and parents as she believes these are needed to help students grow and develop effectively using the Heguru Method.

Her dedication to her students is evident as she commits to making daily improvement herself and helping them progress every lesson. Her greatest goal is helping each and every one of her students achieve the best of their abilities.

Teacher Mandy

“It is a great gift for me to be able to help in improving the lives of families, giving my best to every child and watching them grow.”

Teacher Mandy has a keen interest in educating young children. She believes that right brain training will benefit the child in more ways than just becoming a genius. As someone who understands that having a strong heart is important for each child to grow up and be an amazing adult, Teacher Mandy ensures every child gets the best by putting in her full effort for every class.

She puts the needs of both parent and child at heart and it is reflected in her lessons. She is able to take care of the children even when conducting her lessons and she is more than willing to lend a helping hand to parents who need her help.

Teacher Kai Ching

“Children’s smile and progress motivate me to do even better.”

Teaching has always been a passion for teacher Kai Ching since she was young and her dream is to play a role in improving one’s life. As a psychology graduate who has a strong interest in child psychology, teacher Kai Ching believes that right brain stimulation plays a crucial role in children’s early life. Being inspired by Mrs Ruiko Henmi, teacher Kai Ching fully believes that Heguru programme can help unleash children’s potential.

She aims to create a joyful environment for kids to gain interest in learning and building their characters with a big heart. As a Heguru teacher, teacher Kai Ching gives her best to deliver fun-filled and effective lessons, teaching children to learn through play.

Teacher Janice

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

Teacher Janice has a compassion toward education and children, her spark for teaching was inspired by her family and the students. She has a strong belief in right brain development program because of the strong attitudes and love for learning in the students and teachers. She displays passion and enthusiasm in her all of her lessons and commits her full energy in everything she does.

She has a cheerful personality and she is always popular with the children as she never fails to make them laugh and smile. She also gives lots of affection and care towards both parents and children.

As a Heguru teacher, teacher Janice aspires to develop an environment filled with fun and laughter to bring out the joy of learning in both children and parents.